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"The story of a servant girl and the brutal Catholic sect that threatens her life because of who she loves."

The False Heart

a film by Cajetan Jacob


lesbisches Paar im Film Das Falsche HerzTherese moves between two worlds. A maid in the household of the Countess Meta von W., she is in love with her sophisticated mistress. As a woman of humble origins, she must look on as her sister Magdalena is dragged towards the abyss by a diabolical sect leader. Together with the notorious priest Thomas Pöschl, she casts out demons from people in the village. Children are made to renounce the devil, a young woman undergoes a brutal exorcism and is later proclaimed a saint by Pöschl.


When the village priest seeks help from the Countess, the noblewoman embarks on a voyage of discovery to the village, accompanied by Therese. At remote farms, she discovers people who no longer seem to be of this world. Children climb fruit trees to worship the Holy Ghost, girls kneel whispering before Therese’s sister in the fields. Meta summons the new priest to her palace. Can she ward off this growing danger or is a new and perilous force about to sweep over this part of rural Upper Austria, destroying everything that is not pure and holy?


The False Heart is loosely based on historical facts as recorded in source documents. The film reveals not only the rituals, rites and human sacrifices carried out by the Pöschlians, but also the sect’s fanatical mindset. Cajetan Jacob spent three years working on the screenplay, weaving the historical facts into a fictional story of lesbian love. The result is an appeal for tolerance that is as profound as it is spectacular.

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Eva Allenbach as Therese Sickinger



Upper Austrian Film Fund





Lotti Waidmann

Andreas Peer

Herbert Wiesinger

August Gasselsberger

Fred Huber


Laura Trauner

Elisabeth Erkner

Klara Schoberleitner

Lea Laura Winter

Magdalena Leitner

Susanne Gschwendtner



Austria 2012, HD / Color / 1h 45m

INTERVIEW: Cajetan Jacob


Szenenfoto: Die Abendgesellschaft der Gräfin Meta



















With Hurenkarussell, GRUPPE:filmkunst gained a name for itself as an independent production company for historical films at international film festivals from Rome to New Jersey. The company deals with timeless issues such as prostitution or child abuse, placing them in the context of modern social relations. Its artistic directors are Bettina Hutterer (production and art design) and Cajetan Jacob (screenplay and direction). GRUPPE:filmkunst is based in Attersee in Upper Austria.






2002 - The Landlady based on Dostoevsky (Die Wirtin)

AT 1h 12 m / W, D: Cajetan Jacob / P, C: Bettina Hutterer

Cast: Banu Bikeev, Hubert Alfanz, Benedikt Bauernberger

Katerina is a woman in her early twenties. Her fate is strangely bound to a man called Ilja Murin. It was he, who imprisoned her to a small St. Petersburg flat. Having killed her intention to live, Katerina is completely under his control. Day and night she is forced to hurt herself, in order to get her religious freedom.


2005 - The Voice (Die Wirtin)

AT 1h 10 m / W, D: Cajetan Jacob / P, C: Bettina Hutterer

Cast: Sonja Zänger, Florian Hackspiel,  Gudrun Wenninger

Discover the mysterious world of late 19th century. Meet Sophie, a former actress, who longs for her lost lover. Get in touch with Pierre a young medical doctor who is searching for truth and the meaning of love, or Camile, the blind girl who lives with her parents in the slums of the city. Brought together by fate, all these people have one thing in common: A very special view of love.



2008 - The Broken Circle (Hurenkarussell)

AT 1h 25 m / W, D: Cajetan Jacob / P, C: Bettina Hutterer

Cast: Magdalena Kaim, Walter Ludwig, Heike Kotsios, Elke Pusl, Christine Renhardt, Hannes Liebmann, Günther Lieder

1905: Syphilis and prostitution flourish in a small town somewhere in the Danube monarchy. Though prostitution is officially prohibited, the panderers have found a way to bypass the law. Children run through the streets and do the pimping. In the midst of the night stands Marie, a young prostitute, who has learned how to live in this shady environment. She dwells together with Grete, her pregnant colleague, and some other whores at the brothel on the outskirts of town. Marie's encounters with johns have many faces; notorious bon vivants, an old man who brings cake from his wife, and Count Albin, a lofty gentleman whose behavior is very strange. Before Marie sleeps with him, she must tie a blue band with white dots around her thigh. The next day she encounters the Count shopping with his twelve year old daughter, Anna. It's apparent that Anna who wears a blue band with white dots in her hair is afraid of her father. Marie is deeply touched by Anna's emotional state which provokes her curiosity about the child. As she investigates Anna's situation Marie's humanity is revealed. It's ironic that a girl, Anna, of noble origins finds a motherly role model in Marie the prostitute. Because of this relationship the brothel is transformed into a nursery and Marie's bed becomes a safe haven from a pedophile father. Marie herself is also transformed into a loving, motherly individual.


2012 - The False Heart (Das Falsche Herz)

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GRUPPE:filmkunst - Bettina Hutterer producer & Cajetan Jacob writer, director
The False Heart - Cajetan Jacob directing Eva Allenbach and Angelika Nieder

The False Heart

The Landlady, based on Dostoevsky

The Landlady

The Voice - a film by Cajetan Jacob

The Voice

The Broken Circle (Hurenkarussell)

The Broken Circle

The Broken Circle (Hurenkarussell)

The Broken Circle



The False Heart - Austrian Movie Poster



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